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Sanding & Sealing

Why not consider bringing your old tired floor back to life?


Sometimes, floors are badly worn, or it might just be the old lacquers and oils have discoloured and turned your floor “orange” losing the original beauty of the distinctive grain patterns.


We offer free - without any obligation - quotations and advice for sanding and sealing your floors. This service includes all domestic wooden floors and commercial wooden floors from restaurants, bars and hotels to schools, churches and club houses, to name but a few.


Our process is performed using machinery which is virtually dust free due to its sophisticated filtration and extraction system so there is no need to be too concerned about your decoration.


We use superior Bona® and Pallmann® lacquers, which rate amongst the very highest in quality of lacquers produced. These are water-based, very low in odour emission and provide an extremely durable and natural looking hard-wearing surface.


Should you prefer an oiled finish, we offer premium hard wax oils and 2k Reactive Oils in a comprehensive range of colours and shades. With a choice of reflection too, these oils give great flexibility to meet your design choice. 


Our 2K Reactive Oils have an additional benefit that should you prefer to seal this oiled floor with a lacquer, this can be satisfactorily completed which will allow you colour choice coupled with excellent durability.


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